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Dmitri Danish
Ukrainian artist Dmitri Danish was encouraged by his parents to take up painting at an early age, and was accepted to the Kharkiv State Art College at the age of 15.

He followed up with later study at the Deapartment fo Fine Art at Kharkiv State University and achieved membership to the Union of Ukrainian Artists shortly after.

Fascinated in particular with cities, both in day and night, his subjects include many paintings of Venice as well as other European cities and locations in the Ukraine. His art is now popular in the U.S. as well as in Europe, Russian and the Ukraine.

Danish applies his often bold colors with a deft touch of the brush and painting knife, with particular attention to the soft and hard edges of the forms within his geometrically strong compositions.

I can’t find a dedicated web presence for Danish, but his work is represented online be several galleries, sources for giclee reproductions and other websites.

Perhaps the best selection of relatively large reproductions is on Tutt’Art; I’ve listed other sources below.


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  1. Very good painting! Such art will serve as a wonderful decoration of any living room. In Ukraine, a lot of talented artists. Kharkiv school of painting characterized by good work with color.