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Hopper Drawing
Hopper Drawing is a show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York that pulls from a collection of over 2,500 drawings in the museum’s holdings, along with some of Hopper’s most iconic paintings, to examine both his process as a painter and his role as a draftsman.

Though I have not yet seen the exhibition, I’m loooking forward to it. I particularly enjoy seeing both preliminary drawings for paintings and the finished paintings side by side; few arrangements are more revealing of an artist’s process.

The museum has an online feature showcasing the paintings and related studies, though it is hampered by one of those unnecessarily “clever” interfaces that gets in your way rather than making it easy to browse the images.

A new book, Hopper Drawing, accompanies the exhibition.

Hopper Drawing runs until October 6, 2013.


6 responses to “Hopper Drawing”

  1. Hopper also kept these journals where he would list all his paintings, including little sketches of the paintings and a list of colors used.

    There is a great collection of this books published called “Edward Hopper: A Journal of His Work”

  2. Ironically, I happened upon a great show of the American painter while I was in Rome, Italy a few years ago. Even though the exhibition had many of Hopper’s iconic paintings, I enjoyed seeing his process sketches and drawings most.
    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Mike Manley Avatar
    Mike Manley

    I saw the Hopper show last weekend along with the Sargent Watercolor show, for the second time. The Hopper show is great, as much as I like his paintings I think his drawings are better! A not to miss show! The books on both shows are worth it as well

    1. Thanks, Mike. Glad to have your personal take on the Hopper show. I’m really hoping I can get up to see it before it leaves.

  4. Wish I could see it – I live in Canada! 8) I love seeing other artist’s process. We all think differently, and so we make our visions come to life so differently. Maybe I should post more of my own work ‘in process’.