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Eye Candy for Today: Isaac de Moucheron landscape drawing

Classical Landscape, Isaac de Moucheron
Classical Landscape, Isaac de Moucheron

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click “Fullscreen” and then zoom or download arrow.

A beautiful drawing in the grand tradition of 17th century Dutch landscapes in pen and ink with washes. In this case, the artist has combined two ink colors, brown and gray-brown. The original measures roughly 7×12 inches (17.5×28.7cm).

De Moucheron combines precise draftsmanship and fluid, gestural pen marks with astonishing ease. He uses his washes to great effect in preserving the economy of line.

I love the raking light across the terrace walls, the depth achieved with both linear and atmospheric perspective, and the wonderful textural qualities his pen lines give the foliage.

How casual he makes it seem!