Zdeněk Burian trove

Zdenek Burian

Someone has posted an absolute treasure trove of work by the great paleo artist and natural history illustrator Zdeněk Burian on Flickr!

The set is extensive and includes numerous paintings and many drawings of his range of subjects, including dinosaurs, flying reptiles, prehistoric mammals, undersea life, prehistoric plants, primates, early humans and portraits of famous naturalists. Many of the images are linked to large reproductions.

Yes, many of the reconstructions of prehistoric animals are inaccurate in light of recent findings, but Burian was, first and foremost, a terrific painter and draftsman.

Enjoy it while you can; resources like this have a tendency to be ephemeral.

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4 Replies to “Zdeněk Burian trove”

  1. Holy extinct marine arthropod, Batman!

    I had a book full of his illustrations when I was a kid and would immerse myself in those images for hours. They may, as you say, be inaccurate now to varying degrees, but they are so well painted.

    Many thanks for posting this.

  2. Not many people know that but Zdeněk Burian did also a lot of illustrations for books (books for kids and teenagers) like westerns, Robinson Crusoe, … etc. Now, Zdeněk had not chance to travel to foreign countries, he spent most of his live only in the Czech Republic (I think only once he was to Italy). Yet, he was able to stimulate his imagination and create all those illustrations for exotic exteriors. There was not internet those days, no youtube, no email, … just pure genial imagination!

  3. Thanks, Lukas.

    There are a few illustrations from other areas in the Flickr set, mostly historical, though it’s great to know about the range of his work.

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