Dennis Wojtkiewicz (update)

Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Since I first wrote about Ohio painter Dennis Wojtkiewicz (pronounced voy-KEV-itch) back in 2006, he has continued his large scale explorations of light and texture.

These take the form of close ups of the heads of spreading, multi-petaled flowers, radiant with light cascading across their delicately rendered surfaces, and luminous depictions of fruit — unusual in their presentation as thin, translucent slices rather than the solid forms preferred in traditional still life.

In his depiction of slices of citrus fruits, in particular, his subjects transmit light and color like biological stained glass windows.

In his most recent work, Wojtkiewicz brings us in even closer to his subjects, inviting us to marvel at the delicate translucent tissues of the fruit like glowing alien landscapes.

Wojtkiewicz now has a website. You can choose from several series in a drop-down menu, or simply click on “Works” to see all thumbnails.

I’ll say the same thing I said in 2006 — that I wish I could see his work in person, as it is large in scale, often 4′ (120cm) square or larger, and must be dramatically immersive in a gallery space.

Wojtkiewicz studied at Southern Illinois University and also at the Atelier Neo-Medici in France. He is a professor in the Art Department of Bowling Green State University.


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