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The Dark and Light of Virgil Finlay on

I’m happy to report that I’ve contributed my second post to the website.

I wrote for them on May on the Fleisher Superman Cartoons. In the new article, The Dark and Light of Virgil Finlay, I give an overview of the great science fiction, fantasy and horror illustrator who had such an impact on the pulp magazines and the field in general.

For the uninitiated, is a terrific website devoted to science fiction, fantasy and related subjects, created by the publishers of Tor Books and Forge Books. It features a superb gallery of science fiction and fantasy artists, and insightful coverage of related art topics by Tor’s art director, Irene Gallo.

The site is loaded with features and stories, and the front page acts as a frequently updated and consistently fascinating blog.

This is my page of articles on, to which I hope to continue to make additions.

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  1. Great. I’ve always loved Virgil Finlay’s work. I’ve seen some of the originals. A small correction though. The average pulp magazine in the 30s was not digest-sized. They were about the size of the average comic book, with more pages. Digest-sized magazines became more common in the late 40s and early 50s.

  2. I have gained a new appreciation for Finlay.

    Nice article here Charley and the same for the recent Drawing Magazine article.

    You should consider writing your own blog on art…

    Oh wait… you already do!

    OK, so do a book.

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