John Joseph Enneking

John Joseph Enneking
Born in Ohio, American painter Jon Joseph Enneking studied in Boston and in Europe where he felt the influence of the Fontainebleu painters, and later Edouard Manet and the Impressionists. In Paris, he had the opportunity to study with Charles-Francois Daubigny and Leon Bonnnat.

Enneking settled in Massachusetts where he devoted himself largely to landscapes of the New England countryside, painted in a bright, painterly style for which he is usually classified as an American Impressionist.

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  1. Something about these paintings…

    They are, at first serene, upon further reflection disturbing in a manner I find both almost,morbid then fascinating and I meant “then” in that order. Take the dark river in fall, I hadn’t even noticed the oxen for some time as I was transfixed on the deep and almost mood altering affect the dark shadowed river held. I have heard of this painter before in some scroll down context no doubt but I am quite impressed with these paintings. I cannot know whether it is the passage of time and grime which have made these paintings so profound!

    I try to appreciate as much art, mostly paintings, as I am able to do but it is not too often I am moved anymore..meaning, when I was viewing these at first I was trying to place the style in time, impressionism etc. but as I became absorbed in the darkness I didn’t care how the paint was applied or what technique was used. That is the real stuff…

    Thanks for the post! I won’t forget these.

  2. Damn, serial posting, thanks for those links Aelle. Reading the short bio of the man brings some bit of belief that he decidedly intended to show both the near at times obnoxious color of impressionism but something more somber and deeper and still not just a darkness, like a veil?

    The women in field painting has the same mood as the others in this line, if not the set and setting…which makes his work all the better to appreciate

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