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Fulvio di Piazza

Fulvio di Piazza
Fulvio di Piazza’s large scale paintings seem to depict collisions of aspects of the natural world, animal, mineral and vegatable, with the rough scars of the artificial. And the collisions aren’t pretty — except of course, that they are.

Extraordinarily detailed and textural, his landforms, trees, clouds, animals, faces and fanciful forms combine with one another, often over or within flows of burning lava, to make something both more and less than their component parts.

I don’t know of a dedicated web presence for Di Piazza’s work, but you can find examples on the sites of galleries in which he is represented, as well as other mentions on the web.


2 responses to “Fulvio di Piazza”

  1. Wow! Our imaginations are truly extraordinary things!

  2. Qurratulain Avatar

    Beautiful fish in one picture…………….awesome colours used in the pic……….really good work