Lindsey Carr

Lindsey Carr
Lindsey Carr is a contemporary painter and printmaker whose current series of works takes their inspiration from her fascination with the numerous atlases of natural history that proliferated in the 19th century, in particular those from Eastern Asia.

Her recent works explore the look and feel of these books right down to their appearance of being aged and on stained paper, but with a sensibility that bridges past and present.

Carr is in the process of crafting a book, titled A Natural & Fantastical History of the Orient, in which she intends to carry the look and feel of the 19th century tomes into greater detail.

In addition to the gallery of paintings on her site, there is a section chronicling work on the book, and the process of producing it in the early 19th century method of printing from hand etched plates based on the original paintings.

Carr’s work will be featured in a show at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle from November 7th-30th, 2013.

[Via BibliOdyssey, on Twitter: @BibliOdyssey]

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  1. Thanks Charley,
    Nice post 🙂
    Occasionally I receive an illustration request to mimic the look and feel of older prints – and not all that easy to do digitally, despite the huge capabilities that Photoshop provides, but deadlines quite often limit any idea of a traditional approach.
    Nice work though – appreciated.

    1. Thanks.

      Many of the original illustrations from these 19th century scientific atlases, though not by recognizable name artists, were quite accomplished.

      A great place to search for these is Bibliodyssey, which is how I found out about Carr’s modern take on the style.

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