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Concept art by Theo Prins
Theo Prins is a concept artist currently working with ArenaNet, where his credits include titles like GuildWars 2.

His approach to digital painting appears to involve a process of layering transparent areas over opaque ones, like digital washes. The result is work in which suggestion plays as much a part in the perception of the piece as direct delineation. Prins manipulates his lights with theatrical spotting contrasted with muted ambient tones, combined with an atmospheric control of color and a restrained palette.

Much of his work deals with complex urban and natural forms, presented in multiple planes of atmospheric perspective. A number of his drawings are apparently of real world subjects.

There is a gallery on his website, along with a selection of drawings, and a few pieces that he has rendered out as stereoscopic double images. (Viewing the latter involves relaxed focus of the eyes, for which instructions are provided in the navigation area.)

There is also an additional selection of work, including drawings, in his galleries on deviantART and CGHub. There is an interview with Prins from 2012 on the GuildWars 2 site.


3 responses to “Theo Prins”

  1. His color palette and architectural like drawings have always interested me. Thanks for posting Charley.

    Cross-eye 3D Viewing Instructions
    1. Slowly cross your eyes over the pair of images until a third image appears in the middle. If you see four images
    you’ve crossed them too far.
    2. The middle image may appear out of focus at first.
    3. Relax your gaze without uncrossing your eyes. The middle image will pop into 3D.

    I will try to follow the instructions later.

  3. Awesome. I did it. It works!