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Warwick Fuller

Warwick Fuller
Well known Australian painter Warwick Fuller has spent his career depicting the wild, unique beauty of the Australian landscape in a variety of seasons, weather conditions and qualities of light.

His often vibrantly colored paintings are done largely on location, though he is working a bit more in the studio at this point in his career.

Particularly fascinating is his use of shadows, often leaving streaks or patches of light illuminating parts of the landscape with almost theatrical drama.

His work is currently on display in an exhibition at the Lost Bear Gallery in Katoomba, NSW, that runs until 4 November 2013.

In addition to the portfolio of work for the show, the Lost Bear Gallery also has sections of images for Fuller’s available and recently sold works.

You will also find additional work on the websites of the other galleries in which he is represented (below), as well as on Fuller’s website.


2 responses to “Warwick Fuller”

  1. I thought I was looking at the work of a California impressionist, like someone in the circle of Edgar Payne.

  2. It did remind me of California landscapes as well. Australia must be a wonderful place to be a landscape painter. Really enjoy the abstract quality in his recent works of what appear to be aerial views.
    Thanks, Charlie. I wasn’t familiar with this artist until now.