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Review of Lines and Colors on Making a Mark

Making a Mark
Katherine Tyrrell has posted a glowing and thoughtful review of Lines and Colors on her long running and highly regarded blog Making A Mark.

In addition to being a prolific blogger, Tyrrell is also an artist, who I profiled in 2008.

As part of her annual posts on art blogs, the “Making A Mark Art Blog Awards” are a 2013 end-of-year series of awards and reviews for art related blogs in several categories. In the case of Lines and Colors, the category is a new one, “The Showcase Shield”, for art blogs that showcase the works of other artists.

I can easily return the recommendation, in that Making A Mark is consistently one of the most varied and informative art blogs on the web, and if you haven’t visited yet, I suggest that you do.

However, not only is Making A Mark itself extensive and far ranging, it’s a cornucopia of links to other resources. Some are to Tyrrell’s own network of blogs, Squidoo lenses and other informative resources (many of which are also jumping off points to other resources), and the rest are links to other blogs and websites. There is so much to be viewed and visited, that I will issue a sort of award of my own: my Major Timesink Warning. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Review of Lines and Colors on Making a Mark

  1. Indeed, if I stuck to just “Making a Mark”, “Gurney Journey” and “Lines and Colors”, following all the links from each I would never leave the computer. But alas… I must paint!

    Then there’s “Muddy Colors”, “Underpaintings”, “Stapleton Kearns” “Illustration Art” and a few other notables.

    And each of the above, you all have your own unique proclivity. No two are the same.

  2. Congratulations – the recognition is well deserved.

  3. Pat Wafer Avatar
    Pat Wafer

    Lines & Colors and Making A Mark are on a short list of my favorite art blogs and I agree completely with Charlie about Katherine’s blog. I have found many other great sources and resources from both of these blogs and I think I originally found MAM from viewing Lines & Colors. Happy New Year and thanks for all the great art and info. Pat