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Rick Taylor
Rick Taylor is a painter, illustrator and comics artist living in Mississauga, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.

After working in watercolor for a time, Taylor moved into working in acrylic on canvas, in a process that involves layers of glazes. He brings from his experience as a comics artist and illustrator a graphic sensibility and command of perspective that enlivens his gallery paintings with strongly geometric compositions.

His urban scenes, and in particular his extensive series of trolleys, are often marvels of reflected and refracted natural and artificial light.

In his web gallery you will find examples of his paintings in several genres, including portraits, landscape, marine, urban, and experimental non-representational works, as well as a section in which he paints interpretive studies of old master paintings.

You can get a feeling of the scale of his paintings from the photographs of gallery shows.

Among his work as a comics artist, where his credits are listed as “R.G. Taylor”, is the well-regarded series Wordsmith, and a run on Sandman Mystery Theatre for DC Comics. His latest comics project is Growing Up with Comics.

Taylor also maintains a blog on which he features work in progress and several series of process stages for his acrylic paintings.


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