Duncan Fegredo

Duncan Fegredo
British comics artist Duncan Fegredo has worked on a number of projects for DC Comics, Dark Horse and Fleetway, but is best known for his work on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

Fegredo’s current website is largely devoted to original art and prints of individual illustrations featuring characters from the series. These are beautifully done in ink and blue-gray (Paynes gray?) watercolor on board.

Fegredo has a deft touch with both the pen and brush, and his strong drawing and composition skills give these pieces (as well as his work on the title) an appealing graphic punch well suited to the character.

In addition, you can find more of Fegredo’s originals on the Splash Page Comic Art site, with a wider range of subjects, and in some cases, example of his painted cover art.

You can find more examples of Fegredo’s comics work on the Dark Horse Comics site, where a search brings up numerous books and series to which he has contributed. Most of them have a link to a multi-page preview of the title.

You can also do a search to find his work in various titles on Amazon.

There are examples of Fegredo’s comic story pencils on Storify, and an interview from 2010 on Newsarama.

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  1. I had the pleasure of working on the coloring for his short series Millennium Fever *many* years ago. As a result I spent quite a few hours up close and personal with a lot of those panels. He has a really nice line style, sort of Klimt/Schiele like in a plastic sort of way. His panel page construction has a tremendous amount of energy.

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