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YongSub Noh
YongSub Noh is a Korean concept artist and illustrator, about whom I can find little other information.

His work, however, is richly imaginative and nicely realized.

The best gallery is on CGHub, which is where I encountered his work.

He has a blog, on which you can find larger images, detail crops and lots of step-throughs of his digital painting process. The blog is in Korean, but I think this page is a kind of index.


6 responses to “YongSub Noh”

  1. I feel the need to thank you again Charley. There are so many “concept artists” littering cyberspace that it takes real effort and TIME to dig out the nuggets. And I appreciate that effort tremendously.

    1. Thanks, Bill. I know what you mean, and I appreciate the comment. The hardest part is sifting through the ones who have one or two striking images but are inconsistent in the rest of their work. Hopefully just a matter of potential yet to be fulfilled, but not what I want to send Lines and Colors readers to.

  2. These are really extraordinary, both in their imagery and in their execution. Thanks for sharing!

  3. His work is really magical. Especially nice are the supporting elements to the main subject, like the landscapes. They are so well executed they could stand on their own.

  4. Image #4 shows a darkbrown building which is about to collapse; the one to the far right. Reminiscent of the real tower of Pisa in Pisa. Am I hallucinating or what?

  5. Aelle, the funny thing is if you grid the piece it all pretty much lines up. It is a very strong illusion. Interesting.