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Emmanuel Malin (update)

Emmanuel Malin
Emmanuel Malin is an illustrator, art director and concept artist for the gaming industry based in Paris. I initially profiled Malin here on Lines and Colors back in 2010.

Malin creates fascinatingly textural images with layers of shapes within larger shapes defining his compositions. He works with both bright and muted color palettes, often contrasting low chroma complementary pairs with brighter clashes of more intense color.

Malin frequently divides his larger forms into sub-forms with slight variations in color or value, and fills many of his spaces with visually appealing textural patterns. On top of these elements, he creates foreground elements that swoop and swirl in curvilinear fashion, the whole often suggesting not-quite-recognizable biological forms.

On his website you’ll find highlights on the home page, along with two short animated sequences, and then galleries devoted to illustration, video games, sketches and comics.

I particularly enjoy a series in the video games section for a gaming project he titles Alice Return in Madness (I think the eventually released game was titled Alice: The Madness Returns in the U.S.).

Malin has a blog on Tumblr, the older version of which is on Blogger. In addition, you can find galleries of his work on Behance and CGHub, as well as some older entries as a participant in the Gorilla Artfare group blog. There is a brief interview with Malin on ImagineFX.


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  1. Nice to see an update on his work. Haven’t seen it in years.