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Colin Fraser
Originally from Scotland and now living and working in southern Sweden, Colin Fraser paints his luminous still life, landscape and figurative subjects in the painstaking medium of egg tempera. Fraser’s dedication to egg tempera is notable given the time consuming nature of the medium and the scale at which he works.

Almost all of Fraser’s work is or incorporates still life, often in landscape settings. Light is the other player in all of his compositions, wrapping itself around his still life objects and filling his room interiors like a physical mist.

I can’t find a dedicated web presence for Fraser, but the Catto Gallery in London seems to be his primary representation, and has a bio as well as a gallery of his work, In addition, there is a video, both on the gallery’s site and on YouTube, in which the artist discusses his work, and another, longer one on Vimeo.


8 responses to “Colin Fraser”

  1. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”
    ? Confucius

    You do, Charley.

  2. Absolutely beautiful art. I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Tryggvi Edwald Avatar
    Tryggvi Edwald

    What an excellent counterpoint to the previous posting, on Vreedenburgh. Your posts are always informative, and often thought-provoking. How, for instance, to paint a tree? Like Fraser, here, or like Vreedenburgh. I tend to lean towards the latter, but bow in respect before the painstaking effort and precision of the former. I can enjoy both.
    Rambling aside: thanks very much for your continued effort, educating the likes of me.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Tryggvi. I’m with you in that I like to paint in a more open, painterly fashion, but I still admire those who paint in a more detailed manner.

  4. Watching (still no sound available) Colin Fraser’s video, shot in Sweden, to me is like eating ice cream on a warm sunny afternoon, so refreshing.

    1. I’m getting sound OK. It may be a YouTube region restriction of some kind.

  5. Sorry, but it’s the poor brand of Genius speaker audio boxes that broke down. Looking for a new pair of better quality.