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Cornelis Vreedenburgh

Cornelis Vreedenburgh
Cornelis Vreedenburgh was a Dutch painter active in the early 20th century, whose work is wonderfully painterly, richly colored and beautifully atmospheric.

I can find little information about him, and only one image archive with a significant number of paintings: WikiPaintings.

The reproductions there, however, are a bit small to appreciate how terrific Vreedenburgh’s paint surface and brush work are. The best source for that is the Bonham’s auction site, which is where I first encountered his work, and the Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction sites.

Unfortunately, the Sotheby’s site has suffered from a recent WTF “upgrade”, that has left it much harder to navigate and their local search functions almost useless. The best way to search it is from the outside using Google’s Advanced Image Search, with the URL of the site being searched in the “site or domain” field, or by typing: “Cornelis Vreedenburgh” into the regular search field.

I’ve listed links for search returns for Bonham’s and Christie’s below. If they don’t work, go to the home page of the site and do a fresh search. Once you find an individual entry, use the zoom function for high-resolution details.

Cornelis Vreedenburgh on WikiPaintings



Sotheby’s (Google Image Search)

Bio on (in Dutch)


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  1. Brendan Campbell Avatar
    Brendan Campbell

    These are indeed rather wonderful paintings. I’m reminded of his fellow-Dutchman and near-contemporary Johannes Klinkenberg, an artist who I’ve been developing quite an admiration for (I work with similar subject matter). Vreedenberg has a slightly more ‘Impressionist’ edge than Klinkenberg, but there is a very solid understanding of the play of light on architectural form in both their work. The Irishman Walter Osborne is, I think, another excellent, understated realist of this period with a skilled approach to similar themes (his works created whilst in Brittany and England are delightful).