Thomas R. Dunlay

Thomas R. Dunlay
Thomas R. Dunlay is a painter from Boston who, on finding the instruction offered in the art school in which he initially enrolled lacking in the traditional methods he sought, turned to individual instruction — first with Boston painter Robert Douglas Hunter, and then with Hunter’s teacher, the renowned R.H. Ives Gammell.

Dunlay paints brilliant, sun-infused landscapes, lyrically atmospheric cityscapes, and figurative works that, to my eye, show the influence of the great “Boston School” painters like Frank W. Benson, Edmund Tarbell and William McGregor Paxton, (who were in turn, Gammell’s teachers).

Dunlay’s oils appear at times to have a fascinating textural quality, almost suggestive of pastel, but it’s difficult to tell in the relatively small images on his website.

Unfortunately, his website is devoted primarily to the sale of prints, so there is little information on his technique, or the size and materials of the originals. There are a few examples of originals on the Lilypad Gallery website. There is also an article on South Boston Today.

Dunlay teaches workshops in Maine and Nantucket.

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