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Jeremiah Goodman

Jeremiah Goodman
Jeremiah Goodman is an illustrator known for his portrayals of room interiors, particularly those of the rich and famous, and/or those designed by well known interior designers.

Goodman works in gouache or casein on illustration board. His solid draftsmanship and command of interior perspective provide a firm foundation for his loose, gestural application of color.

Goodman, who signs his work simply “Jeremiah”, does not appear to have a dedicated web presence, but I’ve listed a few galleries and articles below.

This article/interview on Veranda has a slideshow of images that can be enlarged. There are also large linked images viewable on Pinterest, posted by Dean Rhys Morgan, who offer artist-approved pints of Goodman’s work.

There are videos on YouTube an ABC Local, that feature the artist and some discussion of his process.


2 responses to “Jeremiah Goodman”

  1. These are exceptionally expressive pieces..they are like snapshots of rooms that I’ll never own personally. Inspiring illustrations and something quite different.

  2. Fantastic work! I really loved the paintings, it felt like being in the rooms! denisesplanet com