Christopher Copeland

Christopher Copeland
Taking inspiration from the American Impressionists and Tonalists of the late 19th century, Minnesota artist Christopher Copeland paints landscapes with a deft touch for the representation of atmospheric effects and a keen sense of controlled value ranges and subtle color.

In addition to the landscape of his native Minnesota, Copeland finds fascination in the very different landscapes of the American west and northwest.

On Copeland’s website, you can find selections of both studio and plein air work.


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  1. Thank you Charley,
    this is wonderful work, so evocative, capturing those elusive passing moments. More than any other work, looking at these images brought my childhood surging back. Although I was raised in the English countryside, I remember so many moments walking in the fields or by the river – and here, I can just feel the air, and smell the grass, absolutely wonderful – thank you.

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