6 Replies to “Eye Candy for Today: Sorolla’s Under the Awning

  1. An incredible painting with just a few brush strokes. Thank you, Charley.
    Awning in Dutch means markies zonnescherm and luifel. Two possibilities.
    Zarauz beach is called “La Reina de las Playas” – Queen of Beaches. Must figure out for myself this summer.

  2. Phenomenal artist. If you have ever been to Spain you’ll know light there in general is exceptional, a true feast, but if you go to Valencia where he was from it’s unbelievable, like someone cranked up the saturation to the maximum. I had never seen colors that vibrant in my life. Perfect place for a talent like Sorolla to be born and raised.

    1. Fascinating to know that about Valencia, Marcos. Thanks. It’s sometimes difficult to separate how much of the look of a landscape painting if from the llight and atmosphere of the place, and how much from the artist.

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