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Sorolla and America in San Diego

Joaquin Sorolla, Sorolla and AMerican at San Diego Museum of Art
Sorolla and America, an exhibition of works by the brilliant Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida — that I reported on in 2013 when it was at the Meadows Museum — is now at the San Diego Museum of Art, where it will be on display until August 26, 2014.

Not to be missed.

Unfortunately, the museum seems clueless about using their website to attract visitors to the exhibition. (This is Sorolla! You have a chance to dazzle! Instead we get two paragraphs and a clunky little slideshow. Hello?!! — Sigh.)

Anyway, the Meadows Museum did a better job when the show was in their hands, and for more links to images and information about the artist, you can refer to my previous posts on Joaquín Sorolla.


2 responses to “Sorolla and America in San Diego”

  1. Frickin’ San Diegans! They should have brought it to Los Angeles instead.
    I agree, their website presentation is really weak.
    I guess I’ll have to make the drive. I saw a Norman Rockwell (NORM!) show their years ago and it was worth the drive.

  2. I LOVE his portraits. Absolutely stunning!