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Guy Rose (update 2)

Guy Orlando Rose, California Impressionism
Guy Orlando Rose was one of the most prominent of the painters known as “California Impressionists”, and notably, one of those who was born in the state.

He traveled to Europe, where he studied in Paris, and painted in Giverny with Monet and the other French Impressionists. He returned to the US and lived on the East Coast for many years, eventually settling back in California.

Though his career was tragically marked with bouts of illness, including dealing with the effects of lead poisoning, and he died in his 50s, Rose left a legacy of beautiful paintings.

I particularly love his portraits of colorfully dressed women in landscapes and interior settings.

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4 responses to “Guy Rose (update 2)”

  1. Lorette Avatar

    Does he not look French?

  2. Definitely one of my favorite american impressionist painters. He really understood light, and how to make color vibrate on the canvas. One day I hope to see some of these in person- they remind me of monet at times, but there’s a real american sensibility about them.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And it seems you’ve changed your blog layout!

    1. Thanks, Lucy. Yes, the layout is still a work in progress.