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Eva Gonzales
Eva Gonzalès was a 19th century Franch painter associated with the Impressionist circle.

More specifically, after studying with portrait painter Charles Chaplin, she became the only formal pupil of Édouard Manet. Manet’s influence is certainly visible in some of her work.

Manet painted a portrait of her in which she is posed as if painting one of Manet’s own works, and she posed for a number of other painters in the wider Impressionist circle.

Gonzalès died young, at the age of 34, while giving birth. I’m uncertain how prolific she was as a painter, as sources of information and images are somewhat scattered and incomplete.

The best resource for her work is The Athenaeum. There is at least one high-res image on the Google Art Project.

I’m particularly drawn to some of her still life subjects, in which she has obviously absorbed Manet’s lessons, and begun to go her own way with them.


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  1. She was the model and protégé (not protge) of Manet. Eva Gonzalès entered Manet’s studio as his pupil in February 1869. Manet is said to have begun a portrait of her that February, which was eventually completed on 12 March 1870 and exhibited at the Salon of the same year. The present whereabouts of the flower-piece shown on her easel in the painting is not known.

  2. Thanks for the post Charley. I have always liked Manet’s work so only natural to be drawn to her work as well, which I have not seen although one here looks vaguely familiar. I will have fun exploring the few online sources.

    On another unrelated note. You have one ad space that must customize to my online searches. My car cracked it’s head wide open, literally, and since I have been looking for a new one… well cars ads are following me around (the net) town. : )

    1. Thanks, David. I really like her still life subjects and wish there were more available.

      In reference to the “personalized” ad: you’re being tracked by Google (particularly if you remain logged into a Google service like Gmail or YouTube).