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Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs, illustration
Thomas Fuchs is an illustrator originally from Germany and now based in New York.

Fuchs works in a conceptual vein for much of his illustration, seeking out a mental twist to give his image editorial content, while often reducing the image to graphic simplicity.

His website shows the images with a brief description of the context of the article for which they are intended. Rather than creating stand-alone images that merely accompany the article, Fuchs commits his illustrations to adding meaning to the written content.

He also has a different, specialized portrait style, but even here he often adds context, as in his illustrations for Rolling Stone’s Playlist, in which musicians comment on other musicians. For these, he combines the commentator and their subject.

The home page of Fuchs’ website inexplicably looks like a portfolio page with blank, nonfunctional thumbnails — giving the impression that it is either under construction or abandoned; you must click through to one of the categories before being presented with an actual choice of images.

Sections are divided into categories like painted, digital and portraits. The Logos/icons section is more interesting/fun that you might think.

You can also view Fuchs’ work on his Behance portfolio, where the illustrations are arranged by project or publication.

Fuchs has replaced the function of his older blog with a more recently updated News page, but the former still has lots of items of interest.


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    LOL loved the statue of liberty! Found it strongly thought provoking.