Joseph Todorovitch

Joseph Todorovitch, figurative painter
Joseph Todorovitch is a California painter who works primarily with figurative subjects, though these often include elements of interiors, still life or landscape.

Todorovitch has a refined, restrained approach to value and color, as well as a subtle sense of the use of edges; elements that together give his paintings both a quiet power and a contemplative feeling not always present in figurative works.

Unfortunately, the gallery on his website presents his work in rather small images, particularly as the surface quality of his technique often appears quite interesting in larger reproductions. You can see larger examples on this Arcadia Fine Arts Flickr set, and the website of the Maxwell Alexander Gallery.

Todorovitch teaches at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and their website profile of him includes an additional portfolio of work. Todorovitch also conducts independent workshops.

[Note: some of the images on the sites linked here should be considered NSFW (depending, of course, on where you work).]


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  1. I am always blown away by painters like this who manage to achieve such an uncanny feeling of detail and capture lighting so perfectly, with what are in reality so few, large brushstrokes. It’s like the suggestion of detail.

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