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Mick McGinty (update 2014)

Mick McGinty
I’m delighted to say that after a hiatus of three years, painter/blogger/illustrator Mick McGinty is back to posting his small paintings on his blog Twice a Week, and offering them at auction.

Presumably, McGitnty has been busy in his other role as an illustrator, but it’s great to see him once again posting his plain air paintings and other small works on his blog, which I have been following since early 2007.

I have this painting by McGinty, which I managed to snag at a low auction price back in 2008 (while everyone else was apparently sleeping), hanging in my living room.

When viewing his blog, bear in mind that it’s one of the older Blogger layouts, in which there are no “Previous Posts” links at the bottom of the page. Use the monthly links in the right column to browse back through McGinty’s work from past years. Also, be sure to click on the images to see the large versions of his work, the painterly nature of which is not always evident in the smaller reproductions.

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