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How to Sharpen a Pencil for Drawing – Karl Gnass

How to Sharpen a Pencil for Drawing - Karl Gnass
At first I though this would be superficial, and though it does go through the basics we all think we know from art school, I’ve been sharpening artist pencils for more years than I can count, and I learned a few things.

Karl Gnass transitioned from a career as concept and storyboard artist into teaching drawing, often to newer generations of artists in the same field.

How to Sharpen a Pencil for Drawing (Part 1) is the first of a four part series on YouTube, that moves from sharpening basics to drawing with tone and form, using the sharpening method that facilitates use of the pencil for both. He emphasizes the advantages of preliminary sketching in tone, making it easier to search and change before committing with line.

These techniques are most suited to compressed charcoal, Prismacolor or other drawing pencils in which the media is soft and relatively thick.

The video series then moves into two more parts on How to Draw the Figure with Line and Tone. There are a number of other videos available on his YouTube channel.

His website is largely promotional for his classes, seminars, books and videos, but there is a gallery section with several examples of his fluid, gestural line and tone figure drawing and portrait style.

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