Sally Tharp (update)

Sally Tharp, still life, color glass, Ball jars
Since I last wrote about Sally Tharp four years ago, she has expanded her variety of approach and subject matter, added more work to her online portfolio, and is now represented by the Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC.

Her primary source of inspiration and fascination, however, remains with the way light cascades, reflects and refracts through colored glass, in particular Ball canning jars.

She also has a series in which she investigates the rippled surfaces of coke bottles, and her newer subjects include household objects like fans, toys, candy, birds nests, paper bags and clouds.

[Via FASO Fine Art Views]


One Reply to “Sally Tharp (update)”

  1. Thanks Charley,
    Beautiful !!!
    They stir a memory of the American Photo – Realist Painters, of which I was
    ( and still am ) a big fan, and have a few big books of their work.
    The glass jars here are fabulous, and as are the fans :)
    I have to admit, I am unfamiliar with the work of Sally Tharp, but will follow the links, and add her to my already huge list of artists I have to follow.
    All good !!!

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