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Brian Miller (Orlin Culture Shop)

Brian Miller (Orlin Culture Shop) illustration
Brina Miller is a Colorado based illustrator who brands himself as Orlin Culture Shop. His clients include Adobe, GQ Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and Penguin Publishing, among others.

Miller works in a sharp, angular style that feels both modern and delightfully retro (maybe modern-retro-futuristic, or something like that). He utilizes both high and low chroma palettes in his compositions, often working with textural gradations in ways that add dimension to areas that might otherwise be flat.

His website has a selection of his work, as does the site of his rep at IllustratorsOnline, and his Behance portfolio; but his blog is of particular interest — featuring alternative versions, detail crops and preliminary drawings, that are often similar in composition but different in feeling from the finished pieces.

[Via Sploid/Gizmodo/Kinja]