Fred Lynch, Drawings From the Road to Rome

Fred Lynch, Drawings From the Road to Rome
There is something special and wonderful about pen and wash drawing, in particular when done with brown or reddish brown washes, that gives it much of the power of painting while simultaneously keeping the unique visual charm of drawing.

I’ve occasionally pointed out particular favorites from history, but it’s great to have contemporary practitioners of the form.

Fred Lynch is an artist, illustrator and teacher who I have written about previously on Lines and Colors, and was one of the artists I highlighted in the article on ink drawing I wrote for the Spring 2014 issue of Drawing Magazine.

Since then, Lynch has continued to delight with his location drawings in Italy, chronicled on his blog as Drawings From the Road to Rome.

Lynch uses the beautiful range of value and texture available in his medium to capture the expression of sunlight on aged walls and streets of Italian towns, delighting in the play of highlight and shadow revealed in the interlocked geometry of the architectural forms.

Lynch’s careful observation also includes lots of visually fascinating details, balanced with the open and textural areas of his compositions. I never get the impression, however, that he puts a lot of preliminary thought into composing his drawings, rather that he follows his artistic instincts, honed over years of location drawing, picking out what to include and what to leave out based on what appeals to him in his subject.

As you go back in time through the blog, you will find the images get smaller, but you can find additional images on his Flickr stream and in his contributions to the Urban Sketchers group.

In his role as a professor at Montserrat College, Lynch teaches a class on Journalistic Drawing in Italy as part of a four-week residential program in Viterbo, and posts some of the student’s work on a blog titled Drawing Viterbo.

Lynch also has other presence on the web, listed below and in my previous article.

[Addendum: Fred Lynch was kind enough to let me know that he also has a set of Pinterest boards, one of which features his own work, and the other 163(!) of which are resources on classical and contemporary artists, illustrators, sketchers, cartoonists, art genres and artistic concepts, including many boards on various artists sketching and painting in Italy. Timesink warning!]

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  1. What a nice discovery on a Saturday morning. Thanks Charley. I can always rely on you to pull the gems from the mountain of the internet. So many urban sketcher, concept artists, etc. and you still mine so well.

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