Mikhail Klodt

Mikhail Klodt (Clodt)
Mikhail Konstantinovich Klodt (sometimes “Clodt”) was a 19th century Russian landscape painter and a founding member of the Peredvizhniki (“Itinerants” or “Wanderers”), the group of Russian painters that broke away from the Academy to carry out their own traveling exhibitions.

His work is not as well known here in the US as that of his fellow-Peredvizhniki landscape painters Ivan Shishkin and Issac Levitan, perhaps because his subdued views of farms and fields eschewed grandeur and drama in favor of direct, honest observarion of the commonplace.

Some of his serene, sky-filled compositions seem more in keeping with the visual tone of the American Luminists than his Russian contemporaries.

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  1. I dont understand art, and I am bored while visiting museums, yesterday I was in Odessa art museum with a friend and I saw klodts one work “dried-up revier” and I have never been captivated by a painting like that before. And dont try to search it online, it is not available :p

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