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Colley Whisson YouTube demo videos

Colley Whisson YouTube demo videos
Well known Australian painter Colley Whisson, who I wrote about in 2011, has for some time been posting short demo videos of his painting process on YouTube.

These are quite short, roughly 3-4 minutes, and each briefly cover the process of a particular small painting.

The videos are not professionally produced, and the audio, in particular, suffers a bit on some of them. They also vary somewhat in format; those labeled “Speed Paint” are time lapse of the painting start to finish, with music and no commentary. The rest are clips in real time, with fades between stages of the process, and voice over commentary by Whisson on his process.

They are a bit more rushed than one might like, and missing any glimpse of color mixing, though Whisson does often mention which base colors he is using. For whatever limitations they may have, however, I found them interesting, and instructional.

I think those interested in oil painting technique will find them of value — particularly in their strongest aspect, which is close-ups of Whisson using his brushes in various ways to achieve different effects in creating his wonderfully painterly and textural surfaces.

There are about 20 videos as of this writing; most are landscapes but there are also still life, animals and figures.

Whisson’s website lists a book, only available in Australia, and a sold-out DVD of other, slightly longer videos. There is mention of work in progress on a long form demonstration DVD, but I don’t know its status.

[Note: the images above are not linked or embedded videos, just screen captures from several different videos. Please follow the YouTube link provided below.]


3 responses to “Colley Whisson YouTube demo videos”

  1. Luigi Galieni Avatar
    Luigi Galieni

    Very interesting. Thank you.

  2. Colley,
    I have been a great admirer of your work. In fact, I signed up for one of your workshops here in the USA and it was cancelled. I’ve bought your book…do you have a DVD training demo for sale? MOST IMPORTANT, CAN YOU PUT ME ON YOUR LIST TO EMAIL ME YOUR BLOG WHENEVER YOU SEND ONE OUT? Some day I hope to take a workshop with you. I am a plain air painter living in St.Louis, Missouri. Thank you.

    1. Jack,
      Colley Whisson is not likely to see your comment here. You can contact him directly, or add yourself to his email list, through his own website: