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Kalen Chock, concept environments and visual development art
Kalen Chock is a California based concept and visual development artist, whose clients include Industrial Light and Magic, Cryptozoic, CGMA, Autodesk, Ember Lab, Virtual Toys, and Fantasy Flight Games.

His blog includes a number of his professional pieces, but much of it is devoted to his personal work, sketches, experiments and demonstration pieces for classes he teaches.

I often find that the most enjoyably imaginative work from visual development artists is their personal “day off” work, in which they are unrestrained by project demands and can range more freely through their medium.

Chock’s environments range from dark and moody to bright and colorfully lit, and he makes good use of texture in his images, using it in effect like a compositional element along with value and color. He use those elements, along with hard and soft edges and careful color placement, to guide the viewer’s eye to the intended focus of his compositions.

Chock has some inexpensive, and free, demo videos and layered PSD files available through Gumroad.

[Via Concept Art World]