Jared Muralt

Jared Muralt, pen and ink and watercolor illustration, comics
Swiss illustrator and comics artist Jared Muralt works in a pen and ink style that combines line and hatching with bits of lightly applied stipple. Many of his illustrations are colored, either with watercolor or digital color.

You can see his work as within the milieu of French and Belgian comics art styles, particularly those of Moebius and Bilal. Muralt’s use of color is restrained, always allowing the nature of the ink lines to define the look of the finished piece.

In addition to the galleries on his website, you can find his work on Behance, where the individual pieces are often supplemented with photos of the drawing in progress.

Muralt says he gets much of his inspiration for his illustrations from his sketchbooks, where he records day to day observations, along with flights of fancy. There are selections from his sketchbooks on both his website and Behance portfolio.