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Elzie Golden

Elzie Ray Golden, soldier-artist
Elzie Ray Golden studied at the School of Visual Art in NY and the University of Arizona. During his military service he was a soldier-artist, documenting his experiences and eventually training other soldier-artists and joint services multimedia illustrators.

I can only find a few sources for his work, and no information about him post military service. There is a profile and a selection of work on the US Army Art Collection, three pieces on the Digital Public Library of America, and a few more on the US Army National Museum. (I can’t give direct links to his work in the latter, you’ll need to click through the slide show.)

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S.


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  1. Nancy Lisk Avatar
    Nancy Lisk

    I have a pencil on paper drawing signed by Elzie Golden that probably dates to 1972 or so. I acquired it while attending Colgate University with a friend of his who gave it to me. It depicts a life sized puppet/person with an eerie puppet Master controlling the strings, crouching behind him. I believe this was done by the same Elzie Ray Golden who was a military artist and recently worked at the Center for Military History. Any info would be appreciated.