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Mingiue Helen Chen

Mingiue Helen Chen
Mingiue Helen Chen is a visual development artist, art director and illustrator who has worked in feature animation on titles like Frankenweenie, Wreck-it Ralph, and Big Hero 6. She also worked on the experimental Paperman short, which explored a convergence of GCi and the look of hand drawn animation.

Chen’s style ranged from bright and engagingly cartoony, to moody and atmospheric. You can find some of her work and personal pieces on her sketchblog, and some archives of older pieced on her old blog.

There is an article on Muddy Colors, and an accompanying video on YouTube

[Via Concept Art World]


2 responses to “Mingiue Helen Chen”

  1. Very nice. Hope you do a little more of these modern artists along with the classical stuff.

  2. That is quite a variety of styles she’s got there, especially stark when comparing the fox and the mermaid. Very cool.