Sergio Lopez

Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez is a painter based in the San Francisco Bay area, who works with landscape and figurative subjects.

His landscapes, both in plein air and more refined studio works, are based on direct observation. His figurative works are more interpretive. Though painted from life models, his figure compositions often incorporate invented decorative elements, floral patterns laid over the figure and background, or patterns on drapery that intertwine with the figures and their environments.

Some of the landscape images are reproduced large enough that you can see his nicely textural laden brush approach.

Lopez paints primarily in oil, but his website also includes sketches in gouache as well as drawing media. The home page of his website serves as a blog, use the menu choices to access his portfolio.

Lopez has YouTube channel, in which he has instructional videos on a variety of topics. Lopez is also a contributor to the Gorilla Artfare group blog.

[Note: some of the images on the linked sites should be considered NSFW.]


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  1. Charley,
    I visit your site daily, always find interesting paintings here, and like today, you introduce me to someone with whom I was unfamiliar. I think Sergio Lopez has some real talent, and I hope I can learn a little from looking over his shoulder.
    Thanks for all your work

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