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Greg Call, fantasy and adventure illustration
Greg Call is a Montana based illustrator who specializes in fantasy and adventure subjects.

Call is noted in particular for his illustrations for the Peter and the Starcatchers series of novels, that pick up where Peter Pan left off.

Originally from Colorado, he studied at the Colorado Institute of Art and later at the Art Center COllege of Design in Pasadena, CA. Among his clients are Disney, TOR, Time Warner, Harper-Collins, Daw, Penguin Putnam, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures.

As far as I can determine, Call does not have a dedicated web presence, instead delegating that responsibility to a portfolio on the site of his artist’s representatives, Shannon Associates. Note that on the Shannon site, the larger images at right are linked to even larger images that open in a pop-up.

Call’s style ranges from straightforward adventure-fantasy, rendered in a finessed and sometimes dark manner, to more whimsical and lightly toned fantasy suitable for YA novels. Both approaches often incorporate decorative elements. His black and white interior illustrations make particularly appealing use of linear textures.



4 responses to “Greg Call”

  1. Brian Harrison Avatar
    Brian Harrison

    Thanks Charley – this is really nice work. Greg`s use and control of colour and form is really appealing , with a nice range of styles to suit the various subject matter.
    The competition for this type of work is immense though, and any illustrator has to stay on the ball, with a need to constantly improve and adapt, but Greg seems to have this covered 🙂

  2. There’s some really nice line work in his pencil drawings.

  3. Worthy post indeed..His pencil work,creativity and concepts are highly appreciated..All are like living pictures.Keep Sharing !!Loved it

  4. GREGORY CALL Avatar

    My brother from another mother. LOL, an odd name and nice to see one of the “Greg Call’s” is talented. Wonderful art work. Cheers, Greg Call, the unfamiliar one to the world.