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Doug Panton

Doug Panton, vector illustration
Doug Panton is a Canadian designer and illustrator whose long and impressive client list includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Barron’s Weekly, US News & World Report, The Boston Globe, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, Oxford University Press, HarperCollins, MacMillan’s, McGraw-Hill and Scholastic.

Panton’s imaginative, beautifully finessed and often richly textural vector illustrations use the capabilities of the medium to advantage, blending precision and detail with a freewheeling approach to his subjects.

His website is unfortunately restricted by small image sizes and somewhat awkward navigation, but his Behance portfolio is easier to look through, and includes detail crops and a number of preliminary sketches, which I particularly enjoy seeing from artists who work in vector illustration.

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One response to “Doug Panton”

  1. Brian Harrison Avatar
    Brian Harrison

    Thanks Charley,
    I am not a fan of vector illustration to be honest, but when it is done brilliantly, then I`m more than happy to admit to being dazzled 🙂
    Doug is clearly a perfectionist, creating work with the clarity of vector, but with an additional level of texture and detail which is astonishing, worth a very long look !
    Thanks for including the original sketches – it`s great to see both the original idea together with the final art – a dimension that is often overlooked.