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Charlotte Mann

Charlotte Mann, wall drawings in marker
I would venture a guess that most artists, at some point in their childhood, drew on walls in their house. (For my own experience, see my post about Crockett Johnson’s Harold and the Purple Crayon.)

Charlotte Mann is a British artist who draws on walls as an adult — and gets paid for it!

Mann specializes in wall drawings and drawn room installations, created with bold black markers on a white ground. The delightful effect is essentially one of being inside a large pen and ink drawing.

Her website has examples of her walls, as well as prints.

[Via Escape Into Life]


2 responses to “Charlotte Mann”

  1. Hi Charley,

    I’m amazed for this so good idea of this artist, Charlotte! So simple at beginning, so sophisticated at present! Wonderful work, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Daniel. I can see where the idea would appeal to you in particular.

      Other readers can find Daniel Sponton’s delightful illustration here and here, and my post here.