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David Malan
David Malan is a Utah based artist whose range os styles extends from elegant realist portraiture to delightfully exaggerated caricature.

Malan was the subject of one of my earliest Lines and Colors posts, back in October of 2006. At the time, he was workign as a concept artist as well as an illustrator; whether that is still the case, I don’t know.

His website now focuses on his portraiture and editorial illustration. For the latter, he often works digitally, in a manner similar to his approach in traditional media.

I very much enjoy his drawings, both in traditional and digital media, with their combination of loose, gestural rendering and an underlying foundation of traditional draftsmanship. In addition to the drawing section on his website, Malan’s blog and Tumblog are a cornucopia of his drawings, sketches, paintings in progress, studies and experiments.

Of particular interest are articles in which he posts studies he had drawn of works from other artists, whether museum artists or classic illustrators, and discusses what he learns in the study of their work.