Yoshiharu Sato’s Studio Ghibli style TV commercial

Yoshiharu Sato's Studio Ghibli style TV commercial
I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of CGI special effects in television commercials. Some years ago, I was an enthusiastic fan of CGI; now I’m weary of the way computer generated effects saturate almost everything. often as a substitute for story or characterizartion.

What a refreshing change it is to see something like this, a traditionally animated commercial (for a Japanese brand of sweet potato based liquor) created by Studio Ghibli animator Yoshiharu Sato, in which he brings to bear the remarkable visual splendor for which Studion Ghibli animations are justly renowned.

For those not familiar with the amazing animated features of Studio Ghibli, see my post on its creator Hayao Miyazaki.

In this 90 second advertisement, Sato not only dazzles with beautifully atmospheric backgrounds and sensitively drawn characters, but tells a touching story of a man’s relationship with his father.

The storytelling involves flashbacks, and for those of us who don’t understand Japanese, it may be best appreciated by reading the capsule description on io9. You can also go to the animation directly on YouTube.

Be sure to view this in full screen mode.

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[Via io9]

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  1. I have just watched the whole advertisement, i cant believed it this is the first time that i have seen an anime style of ads, it pretty cool and the story is touching specially in the broken glass part. Thanks i also like to see ads like that in our place. 🙂

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