Jakub Rozalski

Jakub Rozalski, concept 1920s farms peasants and mecha
Jakub Rozalski is a Polish concept artist and illustrator based in Krakow. His work, particularly in a series involving mecha in the context of rural farms, is particularly interesting for the way it combines sci-fi concepts with naturalistic landscape rendering.

Though primarily digital, Rozalski’s landscapes and machines have a wonderfully painterly feeling. In many cases, his landscapes, if they were done in traditional media, would serve nicely as stand alone gallery landscape paintings.

His farmlands are inhabited by working peasants that might have come from the 19th century or earlier, juxtaposed with what appear to be World War I era soldiers and grimy retro-futuristic mechs that somehow traverse the centuries as though they had always been present.

Rozalski blends these elements with his naturalistic, atmospheric and painterly approach into a seamless evocation of an alternate history.

Rozalski does’t have a dedicated website, instead relying on an ArtStation portfolio and Tumblr blog as his web presence. Neither provide a great deal of background information on the artist, but the mecha-amid-peasants series appears to be related to a game called Scythe.

There is an interview with the artist on print24.

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  1. I like the concept but it´s not a secret he “borrowed” a lot from Simon Stalenhag and he´s not even close in terms of skill. Much is simply traced from photos. Somebody actually did an analasis of some of the paintings here: nstagram.com/captain_murica_yeah

  2. Just read your post and the comments. Very interesting discussion.

    Photographic reference and tracing are two totally different things. Looking at the works and seeing what captain_murica_yeah´s profile I think it should be called for what it is. Anybody can cut and paste an image together and paste on top of it. If that´s all you are doing it´s tracing. I don´t see any similarities between the art style but the ideas are very similair and I guess Simon Stalenhag was first out. I also started following Mr Rozalski and I saw that somebody confronted him on the issue on his Instagram.

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