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Emmanuel Shiu

Emmanuel Shiu, concept art and design
Emmanuel Shiu is a concept artist and designer for the film and gaming industries, whose clients include SOny Pictures, Universal, Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers, among others.

His images often combine high fantasy, futuristic cityscapes and high-tech environments with a feeling of tactile and sometimes gritty reality. I enjoy the way he can suggest immense scale an detail, while keeping the unity of his forms intact within the composition.

Shiu’s website features a sampling of his work from several projects, and his blog features more professional work, along with a number of personal projects. He also has an alternate blog with more professional work and you can find additional galleries on hie ArtStation and deviantART pages.

There is an interview with Shiu on CG Channel.

[Via Concept Art World]


One response to “Emmanuel Shiu”

  1. They’ve all got this coloured gloomy light that makes one think of sci fi and other worlds.. I wonder if it can be done in other ways? Amazing pictures though.