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Eye Candy for Today: Sargent’s Tyrolese Interior

Tyrolese Interior, John Singer Sargent
Tyrolese Interior, John Singer Sargent

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art; use the zoom or download links under the image.

Keenly observed and economically rendered, this beautifully evocative interior, bathed in light from an unseen window and set off with religious artifacts subtly revealed in the shadows, is more in keeping with Sargent’s personal watercolors than the posed portraits that he sought to get away from on his travels.


2 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Sargent’s Tyrolese Interior”

  1. Richard Sica Avatar
    Richard Sica

    Sargent is dazzling no one comes close. Obviously his society portraits paid the bills, but the work he did for himself is a wonder to behold. I visited the Sargent watercolor show at the Brooklyn Museum and was impressed by the seeming effortless way he brings pictures to life. Interspersed among the watercolors were several of his person works in oil. He had enough talent and skill for 10 artists.

    1. Thanks, Richard.

      I was also fortunate enough to catch the show in Brooklyn, and even though I’ve long been an admirer of Sargent’s work and seek it out whenever I can, that show just knocked me out. Amazing.

      For the benefit of other readers, here are a couple of posts I did about the show (which was also displayed at the MFA Boston and MFA Houston):
      Sargent watercolors at the Brooklyn Museum
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      I’m also reminded of this wonderful post by Marc Taro Holmes, also reporting on the show, but going into much greater depth in analyzing Sargent’s techniques and approach to watercolor: