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Maxwell Doig, figures mixed media
The most frequent subjects of UK artist maxwell Doig are isolated figures on wonderfully textural backgrounds.

The figures seem isolated both in the compositional sense and in the feeling of emotional detachment; they are often absorbed in their own interests. Though obviously posed, frequently in repeated positions, they seem oblivious to both the artist and observer.

Doig also occasionally paints other subjects, though after seeing several of his figures, the other subjects feel oddly like backgrounds with the figures missing, an eerie feeling.

The artists most often lists his materials as “mixed media”, which appear to me to likely be acrylic or watercolor with gouache, and perhaps touches of pastel or colored pencil.

Doig is represented by the Albemarle Gallery in London.

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4 responses to “Maxwell Doig”

  1. Steve Gilzow Avatar
    Steve Gilzow

    Thanks for introducing me to this artist. In regard to media, Doig has this to say in the “In Conversation” section of his website: “With the exception of a couple of drypoints and black and white drawings, these monotypes (which are unique in themselves) have been overworked with pastel, gouache and watercolour. So they are all mixed media and all unique pieces of work.”

    1. Interesting, thanks. I’m interested to know more about his process now, as I wouldn’t have taken them for monotypes, and it leaves open the question of what paint or ink is used in the production of the original monotype. I came across a mention of acrylic in at least one piece, but that may have been an exception.

  2. Nice links there, found some pretty cool collections.

  3. I love Doig’s work, very original compositions. His work reminds me a bit of the paintings of Robert Vickery.