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“Celebrating Women Artists” at Arcadia Contemporary

Celebrating Women Artists at Arcadia Contemporary:
Arcadia Contemporary, a gallery in NYC that focuses largely on contemporary art in the representational tradition, has a new show titled “Celebrating Women Artists” in which they are showcasing work by six women artists from among the artists they represent.

The show features three painters, two sculptors and a photographer. I’ve featured images of work by the painters above.

“Celebrating Women Artists” will be on display until May 20, 2015. After that point, the online gallery to which I’m linking will change to the next show, so I’ve provided links to the individual artists’s sites below.

(Images above, 2 per artist: Nancy Depew, Dianne Gall, Alessandra Peters (Alessandra Maria)

Celebrating Women Artists“, Arcadia, to 5/20/15 (link will change to new show at that point)

Artist’s individual websites:

Nancy Depew

Dianne Gall

Alessandra Peters (Alessandra Maria)

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