Ettore Roesler Franz

Ettore Roesler Franz, watercolors of Rome
Ettore Roesler Franz was a 19th century German/italian painter, noted in particular for his watercolors of Rome.

A number of these comprise a series titled “Roma sparita” (loosely: “Vanished Rome”), meant in part to record scenes of buildings and landmarks the he feared would be demolished in an effort to modernize the city.

His watercolors are wonderfully textural, with dramatic value contrasts and great use of perspective.

Frustratingly, examples of his work online are scattered and frequently smaller than one might hope. Wikimedia Commons has quite a few, but most are small (though there is a nice larger version of the image above, top here). You can find larger images with a Google search of Sothebys or Bonhams auction sites (below).

The best single source I’ve found otherwise is, which has a better selection of images at a larger size than Wikimedia Commons. Unfortunately, the site is poorly organized (image sections are linked on the left), and the site plays music at you, and I can’t find a way to turn it off — so use at your own risk of annoyance.

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  1. Thank you for the combined pleasure of admiring watercolor paintings and analysing old postcards , a walk in the past.

  2. I have three small originals of this artist Beatiful Roma Hiw can i have valued please

    1. You will have to contact an art appraiser or auction house familiar with his work. You may be able to search for the results of past auctions to see what his works have sold for in the past. Try searching for: “Ettore Roesler Franz auction”.

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